• Work at your own pace
  • Redo tests as many times as you need
  • Build confidence

Learn with Lena will provide all the help you need to improve your literacy skills. Our Tutor Assisted English Proficiency Courses (EPC) will help you be better prepared and ready to face the national curriculum tests.

  • Extra support
  • Reinforce lessons
  • Hints, tips and examples

Learn with Lena will complement in-class English preparation, and support your efforts to help students become comfortable with online testing.

Let’s eat Grandpa.

Let’s eat, Grandpa.

Commas save lives!

  • Regular reports
  • Monitor progress
  • Fit in with family life

Learn with Lena is aware of the time constraints that many parents face in today’s busy family life. With both parents often working, the need to provide for more than one child, and the commitments of sport and family time, many parents are hard pressed to find time for everything.

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  • Know how you’re tracking
  • Measure literacy skills
  • Benchmark standards

As a measure of educational outcomes, the EPC style tests are an invaluable tool to gauge the performance of home-schooled students.

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instil a love of learning.”

– Brad Henry

Instil confidence.

Improve literacy skills.

This effective, online tutoring program has been created by Lena Loganathan, an English teacher for over 50 years. Having taught in both Malaysia and Britain, Lena came to Perth in 1978 and has taught English and English Literature since then. In retirement, Lena continues providing individual and group tuition to students of all years.

This hands-on experience has enabled Lena to craft an online English training program to improve students’ grammar, spelling, punctuation, writing and reading skills. EPC style tests have been created to help kids.

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